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Average Edmonton "Central Metro Area" House Sale Price is 443k so far this July.  Last month, June it was 453k.   Compare that to June 2016 when it was 434k and June 2015 when it was 448k.   What I can tell you right off the bat.... prices are moving... yet staying still at the same time.   Please let me know your thoughts...

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Average #yeg home sale price so far in April 415k. March was 454k; March 2016 was 447k; March 2015 was 449k. Total listings 7318 #yegre pic.twitter.com/zoKrQ09i5H

— Teresa Mardon (@TeresaMardon) April 10, 2017

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Well a few days have passed and many of us find ourselves battling a cold or perhaps the flu.  Minds go to the Visa and Mastercard Statements in the mail.  Myself I received a nice picture of the back of my car in the mail from a recent trip to Lethbridge to see my mom...  $388 later... ouch... I must remember not to run Orange Lights.

Starting out in 2017,  I am now being asked to do evaluations on homes from new and past clients.  With hope and anticipation in the air, they make the call in hopes to find out that perhaps their home has been excluded from the decline in the market.  Renovations done on the home.  Great location.  Close to Schools.  These are just a few of the bonus' of many homes that exist in our market.  Unfortunately, in a bland -

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Todd Hirsh, ATB Financial Chief Economist

Interview with Todd Hirsh, ATB Financial Chief Economist.  A positive outlook on the Alberta Economy for 2017 including the creation of 18,000 full time jobs in December.

My take.... Things are turning around.   

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CCanada’s Housing Market Continues to Expand in Third Quarter in the Face of Regulatory Headwindsanada’s Housing Market Continues to Expand in Third Quarter in the Face of Regulatory Headwinds

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RBC released its editorial commentary yesterday, on CREA’s (Canadian Real Estate Association) statistical summary of Canada’s August national housing sector results. As you might expect, most of the remarks pertain to Toronto and Vancouver, (both increased in activity and average price).

Weakness in oil prices continues to dominate news in Alberta, and accounts for significant drops in resale activity. RBC seems to persist in its belief Calgary statistics are a reasonable proxy for Edmonton, however such is not the case, and detracts from their otherwise excellent analysis. For a rundown on Edmonton’s market please see my blog post of September 2. Inventory levels have stabilized in Calgary and Edmonton, although at somewhat elevated figures for

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