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Jun 10, 2019


Upgrade your memory with a surgically implanted chip!

Caroline Winter, Bloomberg News


BC-Upgrade-Your-Memory-With-a-Surgically-Implanted-Chip! , Illustration: Jinhwa Jang for Bloomberg Businessweek

In a grainy black-and-white video shot at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, a patient sits in a hospital bed, his head wrapped in a bandage. He’s trying to recall 12 words for a memory test but can only conjure three: whale, pit, zoo. After a pause, he gives up, sinking his head into his hands.

In a second video, he recites all 12 words without hesitation. “No kidding, you got all of them!” a researcher says. This time the patient had help, a

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Excitement over the Toronto Raptors' NBA Finals run is great news for bars across the country, but experts say the moment is an invaluable marketing opportunity for Toronto that could provide a substantial long-term economic boost to the region.

The championship run has already proven to be a boon for watering holes as people gather to take in the games with other fans.

"It's interesting if I'm sitting at home watching it. It's exciting if I'm sitting in a bar with 200 of my best new friends watching a game," said Jeff Guthrie, chief marketing officer at payments firm Moneris.

The company found that spending at bars in the Greater Toronto Area was up 72 per cent for Game 2 last Sunday against the Golden State Warriors,

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RBC Nationwide Study

In our Edmonton market thus far one can feel the caution in the market.  If a seller wants to have success they have to strong consider sharpening their pencils on their asking price.  Not only do you have to be the shiniest penny in the batch, you must hold the most value.  What is my forecast for the coming months?  It will balance out.  I don't suspect we will have a blood bath, but one must track the market closely.  The experts are slanting it more optimistically in Edmonton, I tend to be more conservative in all matters.

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Average Edmonton "Central Metro Area" House Sale Price is 443k so far this July.  Last month, June it was 453k.   Compare that to June 2016 when it was 434k and June 2015 when it was 448k.   What I can tell you right off the bat.... prices are moving... yet staying still at the same time.   Please let me know your thoughts...

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